My name is Tristan Fitzgerald. I'm an integrated creative director who puts digital at the heart of my campaigns. I'm known for three things: passion, leadership and brilliant ideas. I hope you enjoy these examples of my work.

Nike Winner Stays DXB

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

While their heroes gathered for the World Cup, many talented young footballers in the UAE were stuck playing in their Hawari (Arabic slang for ‘hood). Here's how Nike turned THEM into heroes.

Nike We Run Dubai

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy, script, treatment

In December 2014, we got a city that doesn’t even walk to run.

Nokia ”Anna, I’m coming home”

What I did: creative direction

We used a unique Filipino medium to connect with thousands of hardworking expats with home.


What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

In a city where the streets are disappearing, where do you play street football? The answer is play in the sky...

Nike Hypervenom First Batch

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

It's a common story in the Middle East: How do you create excitement around a product when the rest of the world has had it for months? Here's one answer...

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

Every drinker in Dubai is an expat, so we gave them a way to toast their friends around the world while they enjoyed a glass of Heineken.

The Zapp

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

In some markets, young prepay mobile customers want more control over their package, rather than promotional offers. This app is for them.

HSBC global TV ad: app tycoon

What I did: creative direction, script

This ad, about how international connections grow business faster than ever, was, appropriately, an international effort. It was conceived, scripted and overseen in Dubai by a Dutchman and myself, commissioned in London, directed by an Australian and shot in Turkey!

Nike Sticker Wall

What I did: creative direction

How do you keep football-crazy teens loyal while the Nike Store is shut for refurbishment? Our answer was to use the shop hoarding itself to create a unique experience.

Lipton TeaTalk FM

What I did: creative direction

In Saudi Arabia, women want to be heard, but not necessarily seen. So we found a unique way to socially connect them...

Ulker Tea Biscuits Ramadan campaign

What I did: ideas, copywriting, creative direction

This Ramadan Facebook campaign was driven by a powerful insight: that families were bored by the same Ramadan desserts every Iftar. So we offered them a recipe card that gave them a 'surprise ending' every day. I'm particularly pleased with the specially commissioned illustrations for every single card, combining 50s chic with traditional Islamic borders.

The Nokia Code

What I did: creative direction

How does Nokia recruit and test the UAE's brightest tech graduates to create new apps? By using a language only they can understand: computer code.

Save Water press ad for Gulf News

What I did: idea, copywriting, creative direction

The most iconic building in Dubai, wilting like a neglected plant. This image literally came to me in a dream and seemed right for this topic.

Dubai World Trade Center pitch

What I did: ideas, copywriting, creative direction

Our through-the-line concept for DWTC was 'Spectacular. Perfected.' This reflects the venue's attention to detail and the scale of the events they hold there. We lost the pitch, but I still love the work.


What I did: ideas, copywriting, creative direction

I led the Bacardi digital pitch at RAPP and then led the account when we won it. We discovered that our target consumer got bored with doing the same stuff on their nights out and planned their nights on Facebook. This led us to the big idea of 'Turn your night upside down', providing all sorts of tools and activities on Facebook that shook up their social lives. The result? 500% increase in fans during the first month alone.

Dolce Gusto Facebook news shot

What I did: ideas, copywriting, creative direction

This online tool automatically takes what your friends are up to in your Facebook newsfeed and turns it into a TV bulletin or iPad-friendly magazine. Perfect for a quick dose of gossip over a coffee, maybe?

Nescafe Collection pitch

What I did: ideas, copywriting, creative direction

First Nescafe ‘captured coffee at its brightest’, then we ‘released the brilliance’ with stunning interactive outdoor projections, a travelling light circus and amazing online experiences to get a young audience talking and sharing video about their premium instant coffee. In the end, the idea was too big. We lost the pitch by a nose because we strayed into ATL and experiential territory. However, Nestle were so impressed that they put us on their roster.

MINI Crossover pitch

What I did: ideas, creative direction

The brief was to sell the new MINI 4x4 to middle-aged male consumers who may have thought the fun of MINI and family life didn’t mix. Our solution was a 9 month integrated campaign that proved that MINI could fill all 4 sides of their life with play. The incumbent won and, frankly, launched what became the Countryman with an inferior campaign.

Rimmel London Street Boutiques

What I did: creative direction

This pitch piece is an innovative social media campaign for the makeup brand, allowing women to create and share their own 'London look' straight from the streets of the UK capital.

Rimmel London Street Boutiques viral

What I did: concept, creative direction

This features Kate Moss drumming up customers for her 'street boutique' like a real shop owner on the streets of Camden. If we'd won the pitch, we'd have got the real Kate Moss to do it, but it was fun hiring a lookalike for the pitch.

IFC global ups and downs

What I did: concept, storyboard, art direction, copywriting, negotiating use of song with record company!

This piece of out-of-hours work was the curtain-raiser to a gathering of non-profit organisations in Amsterdam. The concept is that landscape rises and falls according to the global statistics in the narrative. The striking look and feel was inspired by 70s African funk posters.


What I did: ideas, creative direction

I'm really proud that we won the global Skype pitch against strong competition. The brief was to promote Skype video messaging to consumers AND Business worldwide. Our idea was that Skype is where intimacy and distance meet, so our campaign was all about 'showing your love' for the people in your life and the job you do.

Electrolux IronAid pitch

What I did: ideas, copywriting

I came up with a lot of ambient and PR ideas for this pitch, but this is my favourite. A lovely simple digital outdoor piece that demonstrates the ability of the dryer to clean and 'refresh' your clothes. Virtual steam rises within the ad space, 'purifying' the virtual urban grime and revealing the message.

Eurostar pitch

What I did: ideas, copywriting, information architecture

The pitch was to transform Eurostar's CRM and online communications up to 2012. This was my first pitch at RAPP and I'm happy to say we won it, due to polished, sophisticated creative copy and design.

Toshiba Home of HD

What I did: ideas, copywriting, information architecture

Unlike HD-DVD itself, this pan-European campaign to launch the format was a massive hit. Consisting of rich media ads and a highly interactive site, it generated 145,000 visitors in its first week.

Visa digital outdoor at the O2

What I did: ideas, storyboards, copywriting

Visa are a partner of the O2 and wanted to communicate their new 'flow' brand idea in the context of the world's best music venue. I thought that the best way to visualise how music flows is through soundwaves. The soundwaves, animated in 3D on digital billboards inside and outside the O2, become more pronounced the closer you get to the music.

Peperami Firestick Too Hot for TV campaign

What I did: ideas, copywriting

To launch the chilli-fuelled Peperami Firestick among young males, we developed some ultraviolent viral footage and gave it a home in hell's cinema. Over 100,000 visitors came and 20,000 Firesticks were given away in just 10 days. Plus, we won a bronze Cannes Lion.

Dr. Martens FREEDM social networking site

What I did: information architecture, content strategy,copywriting

This was a creative community for cool Hoxton types, but bad usability put off new members. In the month after we re-engineered, redesigned and rewrote the site, the community grew 23% faster.

Nike ID email campaign

What I did: ideas, storyboards, copywriting

Nike wanted to use email to push ID, its online trainer-builder service, to European teenagers in time for Christmas. As kids get anxious about presents chosen by their parents, the message was obvious: make sure you know what you're getting for Christmas - design it yourself!

Visa Beijing online campaign

What I did: ideas, storyboards, creative direction, copywriting

Visa is a sponsor of the Olympic Games and launched a promotional prize draw across Europe, with a trip to Beijing 2008 up for grabs. As all you have to do to enter is use your Visa card, the idea revolves around going to Beijing the easy way while athletes train hard to get there.

Xbox Live aliens viral movies and website

What I did: ideas, storyboards, creative direction, scripts, copywriting

We created the aliens as a flexible viral vehicle to promote Xbox Live, using them in movies, trading cards, websites and on Xbox Live as guest gamers. As they were being used across Europe, we gave them their own language to avoid costly voiceover translation!

Perfect Dark Zero interactive game

What I did: ideas, storyboards, copywriting

We created this rich puzzle adventure for Perfect Dark Zero, the Xbox 360 launch game. The experience combined movies and Flash as you broke into an evil corporate HQ to raid their safe. Fail to guess the correct combination within the time and the guards came to get you. Over 200,000 gamers played in 2 months.

Axe Germany Project Dancefloor

What I did: ideas, storyboards, copywriting

This website, hosted by sexy interactive video-captured female judges, acted as a kind of 'X Factor' ('Axe factor' maybe?) for German male club dancers. They uploaded videos of their moves, which were put up for the vote, in order to get into the televised live final.

Visa PayWave London Launch

What I did: ideas, creative direction, video direction, scriptwriting, copywriting

We took a potentially dull financial product and had loads of fun with it, producing a category-challenging campaign that combined digital outdoor, viral video, online ads and a highly interactive website. The site results alone were great: 27,000 visitors in the first week, an average dwell time of 2 minutes 35 seconds and 8.7 pages viewed per visit.

Virgin Atlantic Fitness Flyer

What I did: ideas, IA, copywriting

Cast your minds back to 2005, ladies and gentlemen, to a time before Nike + and podcast saturation. You will then see that this personalised fitness podcast loyalty programme was really rather cutting edge. Shame Virgin never actually bought it!


What I did: ideas, creative direction, IA, brand guardianship, scriptwriting, copywriting

I worked with Microsoft for 4 years, on and off, creating everything from big product site builds to online advertising and interactive demos. While I led the account, I also produced cross-agency copy guidelines to humanise the way Microsoft communicated.

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