My name is Tristan Fitzgerald. I’m an award-winning digital creative and strategic thinker, who loves to craft memorable, entertaining experiences that help people get things done. I'm known for three things: passion, leadership and brilliant ideas.



  Winner of 9 International Awards

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

In a city where the streets are disappearing, where do you play street football? The answer is play in the sky…

Nike Winner Stays DXB

  Winner of 1 International Award

What I did: strategy, ideation, creative direction, copy

While their heroes gathered for the World Cup, many talented young footballers in the UAE were stuck playing in their Hawari (Arabic slang for ‘hood). Here’s how Nike turned THEM into heroes.

Nike We Run Dubai

What I did: strategy, ideation, creative direction, copy, script, treatment

In December 2014, we got a city that doesn’t even walk to run.

Nokia “Anna, I’m coming home”

  Winner of 3 International Awards

What I did: strategy, creative direction

We used a unique Filipino medium to connect with thousands of hardworking expats with home.

mrUsta Save the Husband

  Winner of 1 International Award

What I did: strategy, ideation, creative direction, copy, film direction

Husbands in Dubai have lost their practical skills and women are left to pick up the pieces when their man tries to fix something. This is the insight behind the launch campaign for professional services start-up, mrUsta.

Nike Hypervenom First Batch

  Winner of 4 International Awards

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

It’s a common story in the Middle East: How do you create excitement around a product when the rest of the world has had it for months? Here’s one answer…

Heineken Social Beer Glass

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

Every drinker in Dubai is an expat, so we gave them a way to toast their friends around the world while they enjoyed a glass of Heineken.

The Zapp

What I did: ideation, creative direction, copy

In some markets, young prepay mobile customers want more control over their package, rather than promotional offers. This app is for them.

HSBC global TV ad: app tycoon

  Winner of 1 International Award

What I did: creative direction, script

This ad, about how international connections grow business faster than ever, was, appropriately, an international effort. It was conceived, scripted and overseen in Dubai by a Dutchman and myself, commissioned in London, directed by an Australian and shot in Turkey!

Nike Sticker Wall

What I did: creative direction

How do you keep football-crazy teens loyal while the Nike Store is shut for refurbishment? Our answer was to use the shop hoarding itself to create a unique experience.

Lipton TeaTalk FM

What I did: creative direction

In Saudi Arabia, women want to be heard, but not necessarily seen. So we found a unique way to socially connect them…

The Nokia Code

  Winner of 2 International Awards

What I did: creative direction

How does Nokia recruit and test the UAE’s brightest tech graduates to create new apps? By using a language only they can understand: computer code.

Rimmel London Street Boutiques

What I did: creative direction

This pitch piece is an innovative social media campaign for the makeup brand, allowing women to create and share their own ‘London look’ straight from the streets of the UK capital.

IFC global ups and downs

What I did: concept, storyboard, art direction, copywriting, negotiating use of song with record company!

This piece of out-of-hours work was the curtain-raiser to a gathering of non-profit organisations in Amsterdam. The concept is that landscape rises and falls according to the global statistics in the narrative. The striking look and feel was inspired by 70s African funk posters.

Winner of 32 creative festival awards in the last 5 years, particularly
for my work with Nike. I have also one Cannes Lion and a number of digital
awards over the course of my career.


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